About Me


As a final year computer science student at the University of St. Andrews.


As a software engineering intern at Skyscanner in Edinburgh.


Taking photos, riding bikes, and listening to music.


Tools I like to use.


Where I've learned what I've learned.


At university I have learned the fundamentals of programming using languages like Java, C, Haskell, and Python. I have also gained experience using databases, like MySQL, and UI design using JavaFX, HTML, and JavaScript.


At ResDiary I continued to learn how to use web technologies like HTML, CSS, JavaScript. I worked on designing web pages and email notifications for customers.


At Conduce I continued to learn more about UI design while working on Windows 8 store applications using XAML. I also learned a lot about backend design and the logic behind user interfaces while programming in C# and integrating with MySQL databases.


At Skyscanner I have been working on internal testing tools working in Swift for OS X, Flask for web services, and HTML 5, JQuery, and Bootstrap to create user interfaces. I have also learned a lot about networking and infrastructure while setting up my own CentOS servers from scratch.


What can I do for you?

Take photos

I can also take photos.

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